Stick with the Plan. Average to savage 2.0 hypertrophy training vlog week 17

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Documenting my training with the new Average to Savage 2.0 program written by Greg Nuckols at Stronger by Science. AtS 2.0 is a 21 week program and is customizable to your specific goals and training preferences. I’m currently focusing on hypertrophy (increasing muscle size), for this phase of training. This will involve higher reps and low to moderate weights being used to illicit a hypertrophic response in the body.

Week 17 Recap:

The take home message from this week’s training is to remember to stick with the training program you have chosen, until it is completed. The process of building both strength and muscle mass takes a significant amount time and the progress and process will not be linear in fashion.

The different systems and structures within the body will all develop at different speeds and this will result in your outward performance and physical appearance metrics being quite skewed.

So trust the process of the program you are doing – you wouldn’t have chosen a program you don’t think will work. And give it the required amount of time to develop the desired outcomes.

Exercise Highlights

Technical focus – watch how the knees are tracking in the squat

Z- Press
Technical focus – brace the core and glue the hamstrings to the floor

Pull Ups
Vary between the overhand and underhand grip variations as well as any other grip options you have available depending on equipment. This way you are able to get a lot of variety to the stimulus, since no one variant is the BEST…

Overhead Press
Technical focus – squeeze the glutes and quads and brace the core

SS Yoke Good Mornings
Focus on slow and smooth movements. Range of motion will depend on when you stop feeling the movement in your targeted muscle group.

T-Bar Row
A great overloading upper back/lat movement. I like to use the belt to mitigate stress over the course of the week, in order to save my lower back energy for the deadlift

One tip for grip training, is to leave the lifting straps off until the barbell starts to slip out of your hand, this way you can get the best of both worlds, training your grip and once that fails, you can concentrate on training the posterior chain.

Feet Up Bench Press
A great accessory bench movement that removes any leg drive from the bench and also adds in some slight instability to the movement. Another way to mitigate stress from my shoulder joint.

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