The Origins of Wynn Strength

The Wynn Strength philosophy is A Better Life Through Strength. Building strength is a cornerstone for a better life. The lessons learnt from the barbell, not only strengthen the body, but also strengthen the mind.

Wynn Strength started as a way to document my journey over the years of training. It has grown into a repository of the lessons I’ve learned and a platform to share these lessons with others.

Excellence is not an act, but a habit


If you’re just getting started, Wynn Strength is a great first step in expanding your knowledge about building strength. If you’re a seasoned lifter, maybe you’ll be able to find a new insight that will help push your training to the next level. You’ll find Wynn Strength to be a great resource of informative articles distilled down into an easily digestible format that anybody from novice to intermediate lifters can absorb.

I hope to inspire and motivate others with my own journey. Everyone’s path is different and full of setbacks, plateaus and the occasional victory. By highlighting key moments in my training journey, maybe you too will find some parallels to your own journey to fitness. Showing up and putting in the work each and every day is the long lost not-so-secret factor that begets success.

Not only is the pursuit of physical strength important, but also the development of a growth mindset and a winning attitude. Having the necessary discipline, motivation and knowledge to train hard year after year, isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. A strong mental outlook is absolutely necessary in building a strong body. It takes patience, determination and resolve over years of hard training to build and maintain strength.

What next?

Wynn Strength also offers advice on training styles, programming development, nutritional choices and garage gym equipment. For those still not convinced, read my post on Why Strength is a Priority, where you’ll read about all the research behind strength development and the health benefits.

For those with a home or garage gym, we also offer guides on how to get started, must have equipment as well as equipment reviews.

For trainees wondering about program selection, we offer a novice template to get started as well as program reviews of other great coaches in the industry.

Who is Selwynn?

Thank you for reading this far down, I am Selwynn, I’ve been training for over 15 years with a recent shift in focus to strength development. I started with a very simple weight set my Dad bought for the house, I couldn’t even bench press 15lbs. Ever since then, the only constant in my life has been training and working out at the gym.

Like most teens in the gym, I didn’t have a direction or purpose, I just wanted to move the biggest amount of weights and curl all the dumbbells. My journey has taken me from bodybuilding, functional fitness, obstacle course racing, CrossFit and rugby. My current focus is powerlifting.

I’ll be sharing my journey towards improved strength and health on Wynn Strength.

I am always looking to expand my knowledge base. This includes reading about research backed papers and media relating to the field of athletic and strength development, as well as reviewing and researching nutritional sciences. What has also interested me, is the field of self development, psychology and motivation. Which ties great into staying on track and continually improving.

Follow my journey to see exactly how far a former chubby kid can make it in the world of strength development and powerlifting.


I offer online nutrition, training and coaching. Please email me or follow the links on the contact form.

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