Thor’s Power Program – Final Review

I've wrapped up training with the Strongman focused training template created by the Australian Strength Coach aka Sebastien Oreb. The template was created for the World's Strongest Man, Hafþór 'The Mountain' Björnsson in preparation for the World's Strongest Man competition. The program is available here. Disclaimers: I paid for the program and am not receiving any compensation … Continue reading Thor’s Power Program – Final Review

Thor’s Power Program: Phase 3 Week 10

This is the tenth installment to my series documenting my experience with the powerlifting/strongman template created Sebastian Oreb. The tenth continues into the third and final phase of the program, which consists of three phases over 12 weeks, dedicated to building power mainly for strongman and powerlifting competitions. The program is split into three different … Continue reading Thor’s Power Program: Phase 3 Week 10