Should you squat and deadlift in the same training session?

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Today’s Question is: Should you squat and deadlift in the same training session?

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++++++_ ANSWER ++++++_

Yes, with some planning and a solid training program that includes auto-regulation and a pathway for progress and stress mitigation.

Whichever movement you choose to do first, will be your priority movement and have the most resources available for performance. Your first movement will be your main lift for the training program, be it barbell back squat or a conventional/sumo deadlifts. The rest of the movements for that day should be accessory/auxiliary movements. This means a couple of things:

  • They should use a different loading scheme, preferably of higher volume. E.g., if your primary squat for the day was 3×5. Your accessory deadlift for that day should fall in the 4×8 range. This helps to mitigate systemic stress to the body from too much weight
  • It should be a variant of the main lift, e.g., front squat, tempo squat, deficit deadlift, pause deadlifts etc. Since it is a secondary movement for the day, you want to have your focus on the priority lift, be your primary variant


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