Getting lighter and stronger?! New Farmer Carry PR. Average to Savage 2 Hypertrophy Training Vlog

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Average to Savage 2.0
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Week 12 – Losing weight… and getting stronger?

Training has progressed really well this week, my body is showing signs that it is adapting to the extra volume requirements of the program.
Another interesting outcome, has been the mild weight loss, whilst still increasing performance, I have lost approximately 6-8 lbs over the last 8 weeks, going form 208lbs-200lbs.

Exercise Highlights

I still haven’t quite adjusted to the true high bar barbell positioning, so I’ve settled with this pseudo-medium bar back squat. Still focusing on keeping the back more vertical and maintaining balance on my feet.

Push Press
Technical focus is to brace hard, in both abs, lower back, glutes and quads. My thoughts about it’s carry over to the strict press are evolving, since the barbell is moved by A LOT of hip & leg drive, the shoulders/arms are really only there to catch the weight at the top.

Overhead Press
Technical focus this week, is to push my head forward sooner, which is helping with the balance and maintaining good force transfer from the feet to the hands. When the barbell slows down, you’ll notice my head is staying back and not coming forward under the barbell

Low Incline Bench Press
The boring lift that continues to make progress week after week. This is the most underhyped lift of this training phase.

Progress has been great this week, first week in the training template, where I was able to exceed the rep target, which is promising and a good sign for the coming weeks

Single Arm T-Bar Row
I like the single arm variant as a way to mitigate stress from using heavy weights with the back and also a great way to get a good stretch in the lats during the row.

Farmer Walks
New PR!! 225lbs per hand for a 21 foot back and forth walk. To manage stress with the movement, I opt to perform them at the end of the fourth day of training, this way I am not in a fresh state before starting the walks.

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