Prioritize your Training! Average to Savage 2.0 Hypertrophy Training Vlog Week 9

You should definitely prioritize your training. Find out more on the 9th week recap of the Average to Savage Hypertrophy Training Program.

Average to Savage Training Vlog Playlist:

Documenting my training with the new Average to Savage 2.0 program written by Greg Nuckols at Stronger by Science. AtS 2.0 is a 21 week program and is customizable to your specific goals and training preferences. I’m currently focusing on hypertrophy (increasing muscle size), for this phase of training. This will involve higher reps and low to moderate weights being used to illicit a hypertrophic response in the body.

Week9 Recap:

I’m beginning to see realization of the adaptions from the first phase. Squats were the only primary movement that I didn’t match the rep target for this week, all the other movements met performance targets.

A big shift in my training has been to have priorities with training. Don’t try to chase too many outcomes, and this includes more than just building muscle vs strength. It comes down to a more micro perspective. Which movements and bodyparts do you want to bring up this phase, and that will mean that some other movements will stagnate and others may decline. But when put together over the long run, it will come together with a better overall result.

This phase I’ve really wanted to focus on building my overhead press strength, which has meant more inclusion of overhead pressing at the cost of bench pressing. This is an acceptable trade off, because I’ll get better adaptations when I focus on the overhead press, rather than try and chase two upper body outcomes.

Secondary focus is the squat, which means slightly less attention to the deadlift.

Movements this week:

Currently in the process of transitioning to a high bar back squat, which should help derive more muscle stimulus via different movement pattern and hopefully less shoulder pain in the long run

Deficit Deadlifts
One of my favorite deadlift accessories, included in this phase to help build my strength off the floor and to increase range of motion to help increase time under tension and ultimately better muscle size outcomes

Push Press
Technique critique – maintain balance on the middle of the foot. You’ll notice weight shifts around during the press.
Focus on knees out and staying balance in the mid foot

Front Squats
Still including front squats, to continue to build quad strength and train my body’s core stability & strength. I think they’re a fantastic squat accessory movement.

Biggest problem is still conditioning levels to keep up with the volume. Another balance issue, as you notice my weight shift to my toes at the start of the pull.

SSB Lunges
Another movement to get some more quad activation. Keeping the load to one side should help regulate systemic stress on the body.

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