Barbell Medicine Powerbuilding II Template – Week 9

For the next 10 weeks I will be documenting my training using one of the new waves of templates recently released by the good folks over at Barbell Medicine. I will be running the Powerbuilding II Template, which is a hybrid program combining hypertrophy and powerlifting. This will cover the first week of training.

I’ll include some more about the program towards the bottom of the page. The template does include General Physical Preparedness (GPP)/Cardio sessions over the week, but they’re not the main focus of the program, so I will omit their discussion in my training logs.

I will be breaking down the weights used with the following format:
Weight Used x Reps @ RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
Subsequent sets will be listed below
**All weights used will be in pounds**

Week 1

Day 1


Squats went well this week, just 15lbs short of my current PR. I think this might also be a five rep PR. It feels good to be able to rep out weights in the 400lb range, something that I would have found a hard struggle in the past. There was a significant drop in the final volume set due to fatigue setting in.

Wide Grip Incline Bench Press

Having to use wrist wraps due to a hand injury from work. This also meant that I had to bring the grip in a couple of inches to mitigate the discomfort in the hand bones. This week showed a 5lb increase in the top set, with a 5lb decrease in the extra volume set. The movement is still feeling stable and the weakness that I felt at the bottom of the press, has all but dissipated from four weeks ago.

Hatfield Squats
260×10@8 x2

Still really enjoying this movement, care must be taken when selecting the bar support height, as I placed the bar too low this week and was crouching over during the sets to maintain a good grip on the support bar. Right around waist height seems to be a good height to set it at, do a couple of test reps at the height and note down which level you are using to prevent future mistakes.

Day 2

Bench Press

Some stagnation occurring with the bench press. Dealing with a hand injury that occurred at work, but only slightly interfered with my bench press. The bigger issue concerning me is the actual fatigue I am experiencing during today’s session. I also am beginning to experience some bicep pain at the elbow joint after the bench press session. Which dissipated by the next day, this might be a sign that a deload week should occur soon.

Paused Squats w/SS Yoke Bar

There was some regression today with the weights used. Again from the lack of energy the weights used today felt extremely heavy, especially with the shortened pause used during the reps.

Beltless Overhead Press

The one win for the day, was during the AMRAP set, I was able to push out two more reps over last week. However, the extra volume sets, ended up emulating a ‘burner set’ with me having to drop 10lbs each set in order to complete each 12 rep set.

Day 3


Fantastic deadlift session, as I finally hit the five plate milestone and was able to lift 495lbs for a new PR! I had to get quite mentally ready for this rep and the increased aggression made the weight feel relatively light. The warmup reps/sets were feeling quite heavy, so I wasn’t feeling that confident stepping up for the rep. The replay shows some relatively quick speed, and the form was around 90%. My lower back did round some during the lift and my legs did start to shake. Was it a true RPE8? Probable not, it was probably closer to a 9.5, but still shy of a 10.

Paused Bench Press

Lever Row

I enjoy performing this as a superset as mentioned in the last two posts. I will endevour to preform supersets with accessory lifts moving forwards, as I am able to get a pretty good cardio workout in, whilst still getting in productive weight lifting work. Both exercises saw a 10lb increase in the top sets.

Day 4

Overhead Press
210×0 *failed lift*
185×3 *failed 4th rep*

Another week of setback with the OHP, I probably pushed it too hard, as I already successfully matched my current PR of 205lbs for a single. I think the extra energy spent on trying to increase it and failing at 210 was excessive for the daily session. Which had the flow on effect of less ability to lift 185lbs for four reps, which I had completed last week.

Stiff Leg Deadlifts
325×6@8 x3

Close Grip Bench Press
225×14 AMRAP

Successfully beat last week’s AMRAP attempt by two reps, getting 14 reps this week. But it had the flow on effect on my conditioning, being unable to keep reps across at the same weight for the extra volume sets.


I think signs of accumulated fatigue are starting to appear with the end of last week and beginning this week’s training sessions. I have increased the rest days in between training to one to two days. So one ‘week’ takes around 8-9 days to complete.

Stoked with the deadlift PR, I did leave three days in between days two and three, which I think helped a lot with recovery and staving off burnout.

There are signs creeping in that a deload should take place soon. Since there is only one more week left on the template, I will hold off one week and add in a couple of extra rest days in between training days, this should help stave off any negative effects. Everybody’s schedule is different and you should learn when your body needs a deload/rest week in order to allow proper recovery and adaptation when stimulus/stress is too much.

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About Barbell Medicine

I highly recommend checking out the folks over at Barbell Medicine, for a wealth of free information, all backed by doctors and other subject matter experts! They have a very informative podcast & YouTube channel.

Barbell Medicine Digital Training Templates

About the Powerbuilding II Template

Trainees who want to focus on increasing muscular size while improving strength in the powerlifts, e.g. the squat, bench press, and deadlift. While we expect most to see improved muscle size and strength, this is not a template focused explicitly on powerlifting or bodybuilding. Rather, this serves as a blend of strength-training and body-building wrapped up into one template. Similar to the Hypertrophy templates, this is one of our preferred off-season templates for strength athletes for those who want to gain muscle mass- though we continue to focus training resources on the powerlifts in this template. Finally, the Powerbuilding II template is a more advanced template for those who are interested in losing body fat or who are looking to increase muscle size and strength in the powerlifts.

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